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Rick Harrison’s Appeal on Pawn Stars

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Las Vegas © Erik Kabik/erikkabik.com

Rick Harrison of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars is definitely the hero of the show.  While the “Old Man” is respected and knowledgeable and Cory is coming up the ranks as the store’s future, it’s Rick who really makes things run at the Las Vegas based pawn brokerage.  The secret to Rick’s success is that [...]

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British Pawnbroker Continuing to Expand after Successful Year

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The H&T Group became the first pawnbroker to have a pledgebook that exceeded more than £50 million in 2012.  Retail sales for the pawnbroker were also up with a 1% increase to £20.1 million.  After an impressive 2012, the company plans to focus this year on new business as the gold rush is quieting down.  [...]

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