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Hong Kong Pawn Shop Moves into Mortgage Lending

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Oi Wah Pawnshop’s IPO was small at just HK$98 million, but it attracted the attention of investors.   The IPO was oversubscribed by 1,085 times and shares surged 34% on the first day of trading.  As the broader markets fell yesterday, however, Oi Wah shares also plunged almost 7 percent.  For 37 years the company has [...]

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“Flawless” Diamond could Sell for $20 million

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This spring one of the world’s most perfect diamonds will go on sale at Christie’s and is expected to go for around $20 million.  It’s the first time the diamond is being offered for sale which means the buyer will be able to name the “flawless” gem.  The pear-shaped, colorless gem weighs 101.73 carats.  The [...]

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Pawn Shops Provide Alternative to Conventional Bank Loans

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Pawn shops may bring to mind small short-term loans and great deals on jewelry, musical instruments and other equipment.  Pawn shops have recently become an alternative to conventional banking for some small businesses.  “We’ve seen quite an increase in those short-term loans for small businesses. Banks are getting tighter and tighter on their restrictions and [...]

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