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Avoiding Fake Sports Memorabilia

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Most people never get the chance to get an autograph in person from their favorite sports star, so instead they go shopping.  Fans love to collect sports memorabilia, however many have been disappointed to learn what they purchased was not the real thing. In fact it’s becoming a growing problem.  Dan bought his son an [...]

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New York Pawn Shop to the Stars Loans on Luxury

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New York Loan Company, Manhattan’s premiere pawn shop opened this month after operating its sister location, Beverly Loan Company, in Beverly Hills for over 75 years. This family owned collateral lending institution, known as the “pawn shop to the stars,” caters to those who require a confidential short-term cash infusion ranging from $500 to well [...]

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Rare Fancy Diamonds Gaining Popularity

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Beverly Loan Company sees all types of diamonds and colored stones, but some of the most beautiful are the fancy colored diamonds.  Colored diamonds are so rare they have been dubbed “Miracle Diamonds,” and they are more popular than ever.  Fancy colored diamonds occur when a minor defect in the growth process  alters the color.  For [...]

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