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Andy Warhol and The Dollar Sign

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“I like money on the wall,” Andy Warhol admitted in 1975, “The best way I like to carry money, actually, is messy. Crumpled wads. A Paper bag is good.” You would be hard-pressed to find another artist’s work that is more apropos to the luxury world than Warhol’s ‘Dollar Sign’ series.

After a successful career in design and advertising and commercial art, Warhol followed his interests to pursue a name for himself in the fine art world. Although he switched his life’s intent, his focus did not change and remained centered on the world of consumerism and mass production. Warhol further honed his aesthetic, shifting his rather individualized visual style with collective subjects purely derived from everyday media. Warhol was lauded for developing the mechanical painting process of silkscreen on canvas, which further articulated his fascination with Pop art as apparent in numerous pieces he created, including his famous Dollar Bills.

Noted gallerist, Muriel Latow, conceived the original idea for Dollar Bills, in addition to Warhol’s other famous work, Campbell Soup Cans. According to the 2009 Warhol biography, Pop, The Genius of Warhol, the artist paid Latow with a $50 check for his concepts. Not only did the visionary openly acknowledge that he loved money – having come from poor beginnings – he also loved painting and drawing it as well. Twenty years after his seminal 1961 works of the same subject matter, Warhol returned to the money motif, re-envisioning the once monochromatic and static prints as lively, energetic and vibrant.

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