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Consignment Shop Turns Pawn Shop to Defeat Competition

By   /   June 18, 2013  /   No Comments

When Alicia de Najera Sena opened a consignment store in 2000 there was almost no competition for her business.  Thirteen years later, Sena says consignment stores are everywhere.  In order to beat the competition, Sena knew she needed to try something new, so she decided to turn her consignment store into a pawn shop.  She describes her business as “art pawn and aesthetic pawn” and she deals largely in home décor.  Her store is full of vases, jewelry boxes, glassware and artwork.  In the store people can pawn items, sell items or exchange items for something of similar value in the store.  Like other pawnbrokers, Sena will not accept anything in her store.  “I know if they’ll sell, I know if they won’t,” she says.  In her business she has to be selective about what she’ll accept for pawn or resale; she has to be sure there’s a market for the item.  Though it may have been a risky move, Sena says of her new pawn shop business model, “I came up with that as a way to still stay in business and to still keep this going forward.”

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