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Estate jewelry: 3 styles to build your collection

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Estate jewelry (often referred to as vintage or antique jewelry) is found in many styles. It adds personality and flair to any outfit, from casual wear to hand-sewn ballroom gowns.

Much of the most popular and sought-after estate jewelry was made from 1714 to the modern day, beginning with the Georgian period and moving through time to Art Organique. Each style is beautiful in its own way; we’ll take a closer look at three of the most collectible.

Victorian Era (1837 -1900)

Spanning 66 years, the Victorian period produced three very distinct jewelry types:

Early Victorian (1837-1855) Also referred to as romantic jewelry, designs from this period often were inspired by nature, and were carefully etched in gold. Favored pieces from this era included large lockets, brooches, earrings and rings for daytime use and vibrant, colored gems and diamonds for evening wear.

Mid-Victorian (1856-1880) Corresponding with the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, designs of this grand era featured somber, dark, heavy stones to represent the period of mourning. Onyx, garnet and amethyst were donned, along with mosaics of shells and gemstones.

Late Victorian (1885-1900) The Aesthetic period saw a revival of color, with jewelers once again using diamonds, sapphires, peridot, etc. Many of the precious stones were placed into star and crescent designs in elaborate pins and brooches.

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