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Sapphires in September – A Birthstone History

By   /   September 30, 2016  /   No Comments

Sapphires in all of their glorious shades and colors have long been associated with those born in September. The GIA trained loan officer’s at Beverly Loan Company are intimately familiar with corundum in all of its forms, specifically sapphires. While it’s not known exactly when or why this stone became identified with September, there are many varying theories.

Flacius Josephus in the first century linked specific gemstones to signs of the zodiac, but it wasn’t until jewelers and traders in Poland and Germany made actual listings that the theory was popularized. Since that time many others have updated and modified this list, including Tiffany & Co., and the National Association of Jewelers. And, all of the major jewelry houses have used sapphires, including Graff, Jar, Bulgari and Cartier.


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