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Spotlight on the 4C’s – The Color of a Diamond

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The 4C’s are made up of color, clarity, cut and carat – each ‘C’ an important part of what establishes the value of a diamond. Colorless diamonds, sometimes also called white diamonds, are graded based on the amount of discoloration, or yellow in the gemstone. The GIA trained gemologists at New York Loan Company accurately evaluate the diamonds brought into their office to determine a loan or purchase amount.

The color, or more specifically the absence of color, is fundamental to the rarity and value of a diamond. Color is graded based on a D – Z range as seen below:

D – F                      Colorless

G – J                      Near-Colorless

K – M                    Faint

N – R                     Very Light

S – Z                       Light

Yellow color can be found in diamonds because of small impurities of nitrogen atoms. Fancy colored diamonds (green, pink, blue etc..) have an entirely different grading system based on intensity and vividness of the hue.

New York Loan has experience in diamonds of all color, including every grade from the D – Z scale and fancy colored diamonds. Send your GIA certifications to info@newyorkloan.com for more information on a loan, purchase or sale or call (212) 997-5626.

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