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Stunning Sapphires – The Best in the World

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As long as man has been finding gemstones, cutting gemstones, and using gemstones as decoration, sapphires have been among the most desired. Best known for their deep dark blue color, many people don’t know that sapphires come in every color of the rainbow. Green, yellow, white, pink, purple, red (rubies), and even in stunning combinations. For instance, Padparadscha sapphires are a stunning combination of pink and orange, and Yogo sapphires are a beautiful cornflower blue only found in the mountains of Montana.

Founded in 1938, Beverly Loan Company is a different kind of pawnshop located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. Specializing in high-end, luxury items, the collateral lender is very familiar with one-of-a-kind sapphires. It employs GIA certified gemologists with the expertise in authenticating and valuing colored stones. Below are some of the most stunning and unique sapphires from around the world.

In 2014 a Kashmir sapphire, weighing 28.18 carats, sold for a staggering 5 million dollars. The deep blue gemstone was determined to be unheated to enhance color and was set in a ring surrounded by diamonds. The Richelieu sapphires, a matched pair equaling 47.54 carats, sold at Sotheby’s Geneva for 8.3 million dollars in 2013. These amazing blue earrings were a wedding gift to the Odile de Richelieu in the 17th century.

An extremely uncommon Padparadscha Sapphire was sold in 2011 in Hong Kong by Christie’s Auction House for $1 million dollars. The pink-orange stone was 36 carats and came with pre-text from the auction house, stating its rarity and beauty. The most expensive sapphire in the world is the Blue Belle of Asia, a 392 carat untreated blue sapphire that sold for a record breaking 17.3 million dollars. This easily broke records and set a new precedence for fine gemstones.

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