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The Tale of The Tennis Bracelet

By   /   November 24, 2017  /   No Comments

Spectators pay close attention to what professional tennis players where during the game – individual style has become a part of the cultural appeal of the sport over the years. From the racquet they use to play, to the watch brand they represent, down to the jewelry they wear, fans key into every detail. Female athletes are even more closely observed for their sartorial choices.

One such player, Christ Evert, made a particular accessory previously known as the eternity bracelet, indelible to the activity. Arguably the most fashionable tennis player, Evert often wore an eternity bracelet as her signature accessory: it was a bendable, comfortable diamond design that afforded flexibility as she played. Popular in the 1920s, this elegant bracelet was worn by fashionable women at the time, who would stack them in multiples on their wrists.

Evert’s bracelet was so important, that in 1987, she interrupted an intense match to temporarily stop and look for the diamond bracelet that had fallen from her wrist in the middle of the set. From then on, the eternity bracelet became known as the tennis bracelet, and jewelers immediately began receiving requests for them. The tennis bracelet has since become synonymous with this international pastime and remains a classic, everyday piece anyone can wear.

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