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The world’s most sought-after pear-shaped diamonds

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To mark the upcoming sale of the world’s largest pair of pear-shaped, D Flawless diamonds — and an exceedingly rare Fancy Vivid pink pear-shaped diamond ring — we look at some of the record-breaking pear-shaped diamonds offered at Christie’s

1. Miroir de l’Amour by Boehmer et Bassenge

Working exclusively with a handful of large, D-colour Flawless clarity diamonds of perfect polish and symmetry, the atelier Boehmer et Bassenge employs years of experience and expertise to create truly exceptional pieces of jewellery.

Christie’s has been chosen by Boehmer et Bassenge’s new boutique Maison de Haute Joaillerie in Paris to auction the first jewels ever designed by this house — a pair of stunning diamond earrings, Miroir de l’Amour, which will be offered in the Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction on 15 November. Miroir de l’Amour features the world’s largest pair of pear-shaped, D Flawless diamonds, weighing 52.55 and 50.47 carats.

The sale will also feature Le Jardin d’Isabelle, a necklace from the Maison de Haute Joaillerie comprising three central diamonds — two pear-shaped diamonds weighing 31.38 and 12.11 carats and a round diamond weighing 8.07 carats — all three of which are D-colour and flawless. Both pieces will be offered without a reserve price, meaning that each jewel will be sold for the highest bid offered in the saleroom.

2. ‘Fancy Vivid’ Pink

In the realm of natural coloured diamonds, those of a distinct pink hue are the most sought-after among gem connoisseurs. While most pink diamonds exhibit a colour modifier such as purple, orange or brown, this 9.14 carat diamond shows absolutely no trace of a secondary colour, making it exceedingly rare and attractive.

The stone’s even colour distribution, combined with a balanced saturation tone and straight pink hue, qualify the 9.14-carat pink for the coveted Fancy Vivid colour grading from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Underscoring its absolute rarity is the fact that only one in 100,000 diamonds possesses a colour deep enough to qualify as Fancy. In the Fancy Vivid pink range, diamonds of even five or six carats are rarely encountered in the sale room, making this stone even more special.

3. The Orange

Pure orange diamonds — also named ‘fire diamonds’ by the celebrated gemologist Edwin Streeter in his book The Great Diamonds of the World (1882) — are exceptionally rare in nature. So few have been graded in the world that the origin of their colour is still considered rather mysterious.

When it was auctioned in 2013 this diamond was the largest Fancy Vivid Orange diamond ever to have been discovered, weighing approximately 14.82 carats. It is also the largest Fancy Vivid Orange diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

‘In the Laboratory’s experience,’ stated the GIA, ‘strongly-coloured diamonds in the orange hue range rarely exceed three of four carats when polished. [This gem] is almost four times larger than that size range.’ The uniqueness of The Orange was reflected in its price, selling for $35,543,804 — more than $15 million above its high estimate.


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