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Three Rules of Investing in Precious Metals

By   /   August 30, 2012  /   No Comments

There are three solid rules to follow when buying gold and silver.  The first thing investors should understand is that volatility does not equal risk. Most volatility is manufactured by the banking cartel with little regard for physical supply and demand.  Due to the large role played by banker cartel manipulation, any moves in gold and silver can be just as violent to the upside as they are to the downside.  Furthermore, short-term losses triggered by day-traders and banks do not mean the uptrend has reversed.  The second rule follows that lack of patience is the greatest enemy to buyers of gold and silver.  Prior to the Great Depression one of the top performing gold stocks lost more than 50% of its value before going on a 1,258% run that ended in 1939.  Those who couldn’t see the big picture of the importance of gold during times of economic instability took steep losses while those who held on made spectacular gains.  Many are in danger of repeating this same mistake.  Finally, precious metals investors must ignore the white noise and disinformation anti-gold/anti-silver campaigns of the commercial banking industry. Commercial banking/brokerage firms have incentive to prevent clients form purchasing gold and silver assets because it means money leaving their firms and never coming back.

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