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What is Melee?

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Not to be confused with the definition of melee that means a tumultuous ruckus or disordered fray, in the world of jewelry, melee are very small diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America classifies any diamond weighing less than 1/5 carat to be melee, meaning that these little treasures can be as small as 1/1000 of a carat!

These brilliant twinkling diamonds have also been given the less glamorous name of diamond chips. While this term is generally considered to be derogatory and invokes images of fractured wholes, this uncouth appellation does reflect melee’s creation process. Melee is made when a larger diamond is cut and the leftover remnants of that incision are these dazzling, mini diamonds. Conceptually, melee is produced in the same fashion as sawdust, but melee has the privileged distinction of being very valuable and highly desirable.

Because melee is so tiny, it is generally sold to jewelers in parcels of a combined weight of 100 carats or more. Melee then finds its way into a variety of jewelry, each small precious diamond adding another dimension of radiance and shine. For this reason, melee is often used in engagement rings and wedding bands. Another popular jewelry style where melee is often employed, is the pavé setting, which interlocks the diamonds in a honeycomb pattern. Each individual stone is carefully fit together to produce a mesmerizing and harmonic configuration of sparkle.

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